Saturday, 19 September 2009


Wembley Stadium - Viva la Vida stadium tour

We love Wembley and to see Coldplay there could not be topped. Also what great value for money with White Lies, Girls Aloud and Jay Z supporting; plus everyone received a free live EP CD which is just brilliant.

They came on blazing out Life in Technicolor, Violet Hill and Clocks – what an opening! Jay Z came on during Lost and during Yellow they filled the stadium with huge yellow balls. Hairs on the back of the neck went wild as the 75,000 crowd sung Fix You – it's just amazing how many No 1 anthems Coldplay have to keep you warm in the rain! We loved it.

Here’s the setlist:

Life in Technicolor, Violet Hill, Clocks, In My Place, Glass of Water, Yellow, Cemeteries of London, 42, Fix You, Strawberry Swing, God Put a Smile upon Your Face (techno version), Talk (techno version), The Hardest Part (Chris piano), Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental), Viva La Vida, Lost+ (feat. Jay-Z), Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - sung by Will), Trouble (acoustic), Billie Jean, Viva La Vida (remix interlude)
Politik, Lovers in Japan, Death and All His Friends
The Scientist, Life in Technicolor ii, The Escapist (outro)