Saturday, 6 March 2010


The LG Arena, Birmingham

Arriving on stage, no explosions or fancy AV, just the four band members strolling on to an ecstatic, adoring and noisy crowd. Kelly not even in his usual leather jacket, but he promised “a mix of some new, some old, and some really old songs”, and did not disappoint.

They started with Innocent and soon got into the anthems - they just rocked - superb!

My favourites were of course the classics "Have a nice day" and "Dakota".

Set List:
Innocent, A Thousand Trees, More Life In A Tramps Vest, I Got Your Number, Superman, Pick a Part That’s New, Uppercut, Stuck In a Rut, I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio, Maybe Tomorrow, Live ‘n’ Love, Traffic, Trouble, Could You Be The One?, Same Size Feet, Beerbottle, Mr. Writer, Have A Nice Day, Caravan Holiday, Just Looking, Local Boy In A Photograph
She’s Alright, The Bartender And The Thief, Dakota

Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band formed in 1992. The band comprises of lead vocalist and guitarist Kelly Jones, bassist and backing vocalist Richard Jones, drummer Javier Weyler, guitarist and backing vocalist Adam Zindani and keyboards touring member Tony Kirkham/