Saturday, 7 December 2013

Deacon Blue

New Theatre, Oxford

How brilliant to see Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh with the gang in Oxford.

Their style of music which is just infectious. The crowd full of ardent fans, like ourselves, and you could see by the look on Ricky Ross’ face, the joy felt, and from us all listening to Lorraine's gorgeous voice. They were giving everything from a sound of intimacy to the vast swathes of tracks such as the opener Circus Lights, The Rest, the bouncy Queen of The New Year, the superb The Outsiders, the wonderful Real Gone Kid, Chocolate Girl and Raintown, they were all a welcome sight for sore eyes.

We loved them and cannot wait to see them again!

Set List:
Circus Lights, The Outsiders, The Rest, Your Swaying Arms, Queen of the New Year, Long Window to Love, Sad Loved Girl (>), Love and Regret, Laura From Memory, Your Town, Real Gone Kid, Stars, Starstruck, When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring), Chocolate Girl, The Hipsters, Loaded, Fergus Sings the Blues, That's What We Can Do


You'll Know It's Christmas, Dignity, Wages Day, Twist and Shout, Long May You Run (Neil Young cover)